MacBook Unibody

MacBook Unibody 2009

The MacBook 13-Inch (White Polycarbonate "Unibody" - Late 2009) unveiled a new "glossy white unibody" case design - modeled after the previously introduced "Unibody" MacBook and MacBook Pro models -- but uses polycarbonate rather than aluminum and has a "non-skid" rubberized bottom surface.

Below are a selection of repairs we offer for the MacBook Unibody 2009. All prices include VAT and fitting and all repairs come with a 90 day warranty. If you have any further questions or you don't think your specific fault is listed, feel free to get in touch.

Our pricing

Repair TypePrice
Replacement LCD£160.00
Replacement Glass£80.00
MagSafe Connector£85.00
RAM Upgrade (4GB)£85.00
RAM Upgrade (8GB)£120.00
Hard Drive (500GB)£120.00
Hard Drive (1TB)£140.00
Hard Drive (256GB SSD)£150.00
Hard Drive (500GB SSD)£240.00